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Sr. Development Engineer

Richard Kang
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High power electronics "made in Germany"

EA-Elektro-Automatik LLC iS Germany’s leading manufacturer of laboratory power Supplies, high performance mains units and electronic loads. EA-Elektro-Automatik was founded in 1974 by Helmut Nolden with the vision of developing high quality power supplies fo all applications. Today EA-Elektro-Automatik is a modern medium-sized enterprise.
Approximately 250 employees research, develop and manufacture at the 10,000 m2 main site in Viersen. With the aid of an extensive dealer network, high-tech technology from Niederrhein is delivered globally.

Innovation through research & development

lnnovation is of major significance at EA. We are passionate in our development and production of laboratory and high performance power supplies as well as electronic loads, which set standards for functionality, flexibility and reliability. The results of more than four decades research and development flow directly into new products. With the introduction of flexible output stages in laboratory power supplies and energy recovery from electronic loads we are pioneers of new technologies.

Switched 0n: Development competence on highest level

Concept, design, technical development and specification of our power supply systems is carried out in-house as a matter of principle. In this way the technical advances made by our development team can be incorporated directIy in finished products. Thus our engineers look not onIy at the market requirements of today but develop solutions for the technicaI chaIlenges of tomorrow.

Energized: Short time-to-market

Development cycles for new systems are getting shorter. TechnologicaI exceIIence means that we must have flexible production processes so that we can answer short term production-specific customer demands.
We guarantee our customers rapid reaction in the event of an emergency.

PSB 9000 3U 5kW – 15kW
PSB 9000 3U Slave 15kW
PSI 9000 2U 1kW – 3kW
PSI 9000 3U 3.3kW – 15kW
PSI 9000 3U Slave 15kW
PSI 9000 WR 3U 5kW – 15kW
PSI 9000 WR 3U Slave 15kW
PSI 9000 15U/24U 30kW – 90kW
EL 9000B 1.2kW – 14.4kW
EL 9000B Slave 7.2kW
EL 9000B HP 600W – 2400W
EL 9000B 2Q 600W – 2400W
EL 9000B 15U/24U 10.8kW – 43.2kW
ELR 9000 3.1kW – 10.5kW
ELR 9000HP 5kW – 15kW
ELR 9000HP Slave 15kW
EA Power Control
Option CAB (Cabinets)
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