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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Overview

Electronic Scientific Engineering Ltd. (”ESE”), a member of CORNES Group with worldwide presence, has been established since 1980. ESE is one of the leading industrial material and equipment providers in Asia.

Our Mission

Our mission is for ESE to become the preferred partner in sourcing and supplying state-of-the-art SMT production line, electronic testing systems, and industrial materials in selected market segments of the electronic and electrical fields.

Our Business

We provide a wide range of production equipment, electronic testing systems, consumable materials and tools for testing and manufacturing of electronic and electrical products. These include high accuracy mounting system, X-ray inspection system, reflow system, EMC test solutions, RF & microwave instruments, testing equipment for multi-media applications, safety compliance testers, telecommunication testing equipment, industrial materials such as solder products, adhesives, tapes, protective films, insulation powder, tooling, soldering station, and bench type rework stations etc. We have specialized professional teams focusing on different market segments to serve the needs of our customers.

Our Value-Added Services

Two materials processing centers have been established in Zhuhai and Shanghai to enhance support to our valuable customers and business partners by providing product customization, shortening the lead time, and improving cost effectiveness.
Our unique material laboratories in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing enable the timely analysis of suitable product solutions for various kinds of customized applications.  
To provide JIT to our customers, we maintain warehouses in major cities. Our on-line ERP system ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of inventory management, order processing, as well as logistics management. All these are optimized to create the best values to our customers and business partners.

Our Strengths & Capabilities

Our strong corporate image coupled with good track record of achievements is indispensable to our continuous development. Our extensive networks in China, Asia, and Europe provide us with vital information about our customers, technological developments, product know-how, and market intelligence.
We have good and long-standing relationships with leading international manufacturers, and have been receiving performance awards in recognition of our contributions and performance. High customer loyalty is an indicator of our strengths and capabilities to serve them succeed in their businesses.
Our strengths and capabilities are built, and continue to be improved by a highly motivated sales and marketing team, a professional technical team as well as a fully committed logistics team, while supported by an experienced management team.

Our Culture

ESE - We Care!
It’s not just a motto to carry on our lips. It’s a motto that everyone in ESE must practise. It’s our culture in which our way of doing business is resolved.

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