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Anderson Lam / 林安生
0755-8376 0291
852-2589 0842

Telebyte is the leader in Physical Layer Testing, with a reputation built on 30+ years of innovation, customer service and product quality.

Telebyte offers crosstalk emulators, noise generators, local loop simulators, cable farm automation switches, test automation switches and digital analyzers. Its worldwide customer base includes companies in the Service Provider, DSL equipment manufacturing (DSLAMs, DPUs, CPEs), chipset design and test laboratory categories.

Headquartered in New York State, USA, Telebyte solutions are used for a variety of physical layer testing applications such as rate/reach, qualification, R&D, interoperability, vendor trials and more. The primary focus on new development is VDSL2 Vectoring and products.

Membership: Broadband Forum, DSL Consortium at UNH-IOL.

Local Loop Simulators, Switching Modules for xDSL Test Automation, Noise Generators, Digital Analyzers, Crosstalk Emulators, Equipment for testing Vectoring & Bonding, Equipment for testing, and Mux/De-Mux Modules for xDSL Test Automation.

Model 800-1-212-TP100系列 G.fast单通道本地环路仿真器
Model 800-8-212-TP100系列 8通道环路仿真器
GHN-SP-UPLC 通用电线通讯分路器
CFA-24 G.Fast 电缆开关矩阵
4902 噪声源系统
501 数字采集分析仪
HNBT-Starbox 用户引入线和房屋线仿真器
UNH-TS-TE - Telebyte UNH-IOL 测试监测自动化软件
VxT-48-DC+ 48-信道串扰仿真器
458-3SLB VDSL环路仿真器机箱
458-CC-16/458-CM VDSL环路仿真器机箱
458-LM-A8-18A VDSL 458 系列环路仿真器模块 (2M-18MHz)
458-LM-A1-30 VDSL 458系列环路仿真器模块 (30 MHz)
458-AWGN2 VDSL 噪声源